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   Georgetta Monroe  (dreamspay)  Topaz Super Plus Promo Kit Customer

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jan_ashby @dreamspay - Yes I did on 5/14 : It's Paypal.
Kind of surprised he removed my city portal info.
I've been paying since february .
[can info be put back, or is portal to remain blank] ..?
(ID #1K64982967728720J)
Merchant Name:
people for extending earth's life inc.
Merchant Email:

Merchant Information

Customer Service URL:

Total amount:
-$9.99 USD
$9.99 USD
Tax Amount:
$0.00 USD
Ship Amount:
$0.00 USD
Fee amount:
$0.00 USD
Net amount:
-$9.99 USD

May 14, 2016
09:04:41 PDT


people for extending earth's life inc.

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2016-05-30 14:46:10    

jems @dreamspay I hope you are having a great holiday.
sent me your instanblogsubcrible sign up link to jems9115@gmail.com when can.
thanks John

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2016-05-29 17:48:19    

jan_ashby @dreamspay - Ok how do I turn msg acceptance on again, pls (or is Tim going to post internally a Message to me)? Reason I ask: I COULD Not find any msg from him [Last 48 Hrs), & I still can't get into the Secret trng. Thanks

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2016-05-28 03:16:34    

jan_ashby @dreamspay - Hi Geo. Did the server return?
I was clicking o n "Secret Trng" on the right side and it won't let me in [even tho I been paying my City Portal dues ]. Pls, what is Tim's email so I can write & ask

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2016-05-25 16:52:42    

From: Georgetta Monroe (dreamspay)
To: Dwight Clark (dewcla)

Message: Here you go Dwight! Enjoy    

This is a gift from the gift shop
2016-05-15 12:02:40    

lazysailor @dreamspay Georgette I want to thank you for making my life much easier by coming up with Topaz/Opal Guide 2015 which I have been using to learn my way around WomVegas. It has been an enormous help. Thank you very much!

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2016-05-12 20:59:03    

kenhartman @dreamspay Thanks Georgetta

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2016-05-03 21:28:56    


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