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   Georgetta Monroe  (dreamspay)  Topaz Super Plus Promo Kit Customer

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deepjsarma @dreamspay Hello Georgetta, This Deepjyoti
I am unable received the new Password.
my mail id is deepjyoti73@hotmail.com
and my Profile id is 56132..

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2014-08-28 05:11:51    

thunder @dreamspay Yes, please! But go here first then you will understand. click here
My phone number is: 1-212-491-2587 call about 10:00 am or 4 p.m tomorrow. Ok!!

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2014-08-23 22:55:40    

thunder @dreamspay Good Morning Georgetta!! Listen it not a picture I'm concern about its the content that is suppose to be in the sales page of wom mobile deals (i.e., Receive wom mobile deals from: Thomas Kitchen, etc.,) it did that in the past. Go to my sales page at: click here Then you will understand it not a picture that I am concerned about.

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2014-08-23 05:20:40    

thunder @dreamspay Hi! Georgetta, listen I got a problem I cant see my banner stats nor is the sales page I advertise showing my personal info. Go to click here
All I need is for those things to be corrected.
Thanks in advance. Please tell Tim! Thanks!!

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2014-08-22 08:07:24    

dougl @dreamspay Thanks Georgetta I an back in business!

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2014-08-05 12:17:50    

Bobsbiz @dreamspay Thank You Geo :)

Posted on dreamspay personal message page.
2014-08-04 08:01:44    

From: Georgetta Monroe (dreamspay)
To: Robert Vaughan (Bobsbiz)

Message: Happy Birthday Bob! Enjoy Your Day!    

This is a gift from the gift shop
2014-08-03 21:25:33    


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