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   Georgetta Monroe  (dreamspay)  Topaz Super Plus Promo Kit Customer

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I am a network marketing leader for Wom Vegas.    Click here for help.

dreamspay Post Your Ads on the High Traffic Internet Ad Boards!

1. Ads Thumbs Up
2. Solo-Patches Ad Board
3. Shop-Wealth Ad Board
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Posted in New York New York chat
2014-10-23 06:19:03    

dreamspay How About 100% Commissions!?
Thats Right! Receive 100% Instant Commissions To Your PayPal Account!

Anytime Any Of Your Referrals Join And Pay - They Will Pay You Instantly!

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Posted in SUPER SOLOS Advertising convention room
2014-10-23 05:51:02    

dreamspay Silver Womlanding Pages

Upgrade your Free Landing Page to Silver and Get:

1. Advertise Your Landing Page on All Free Landing Pages
2. Advertise Your Landing Page on All User Control Panels
2. List Your Business at womtown
3. Monthly Visits Allowed 100,000

and much much More
Get Started by creating a Free Landing page and then upgrading to Silver click here

Posted in Blue Rain Ads chat
2014-10-23 04:32:01    

dreamspay Benefits of Going Topaz - What You Have In your Hands (Topaz) is an Amazing Opportunity!

A Must See Video and Presentation! WomLanding Page, Mini Site and URL Business is Included in your Topaz Packages!

All Success Roads Lead Back to Topaz at womvegas!

Topaz Hangout and Presentation: click here

“You don't have to be great to get started, but You have to get Started to be Great.” - Les Brown

Go to Account then Scroll down to #40 To Upgrade to Topaz!

Posted in wom Landing Page Business convention room
2014-10-23 04:26:02    

dreamspay This an INCREDIBLE DEAL......................................


Free Ads On 80+ Traffic Site EVERY MONTH!

If You are On A TIGHT Budget, You will LOVE This!!!

Make Sure To Sign Up with ONLY A Gmail Account!

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2014-10-23 04:09:02    

dreamspay How About 100% Commissions at Silhouette Solos - Brand New

That's Right! Now You Can Receive 100% Instant Commissions To Your PayPal Account at Silhouette Solos!

Anytime Any Of Your Referrals Join And Pay On these Sites - They Will Pay You Instantly! Join Now And Get 100% Instant Commissions For Life!
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Posted in Broadcast Your Biz Let It Rip chat
2014-10-23 03:29:03    

dreamspay Best Traffic Exchanges to Show Your Biz Off! Free to Join Get free credits for join! click here

Posted in Traffic Ad Bar convention room
2014-10-23 03:28:02    

dreamspay How To Do Email Marketing with Text Ad Exchanges. Make sure to read everything on the Page before you Get Started.

I put this page together for ya! So go ahead and please use it. You can ask me questions to my personal messages click here

Here is the page: click here

Make Good Use of it. Georgetta Monroe

Posted in Explore Your World - Advertise In Ours NO PROMOTIONS ADS PLEASE convention room
2014-10-23 02:16:01    

dreamspay Greetings, Ever wish you could advertise in a ton of places without doing all the work?

Now you can do it FREE!

Surf Where You Want.... Post Safelist Ads Where You Want
Then Let the Huge Network do the Rest of the Advertising Work For You

The Legacy Team Coop, Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli, Rodney Hage

Posted in 100% Commission to your Paypal convention room
2014-10-23 01:55:02    

dreamspay Advertise FREE FREE

In Womvegas Free Chat Rooms.. All you have to do to Join is Ask Permission to Post in the Rooms.

These Chat Rooms Receive Traffic all day long.. Get Your ads posted in them every day.

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Posted in womVegas News convention room
2014-10-23 01:53:02    

dreamspay This Help Desk Pays You! You can it for A LifeTime Payment!

The best way to dramatically increase your sales , is to offer customer support! If you want to have a successful business on the internet, you must provide support.

This is the one thing that ALL the leading internet marketers agree on.

I have found the most affordable and remarkable Help Desk on the Internet. Not only can you get it for a lifetime payment of $20 but you Earn 50% commisssions and You can Advertise Your Business on it. WOW!

You can also get a 1 year upgrade for only $10.00 if you choose to do it yearly. But whatever you choose get a Help Desk and increase your Sales!

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Posted in SUPER SOLOS Advertising convention room
2014-10-23 01:02:02    

dreamspay Shop-Wealth Solo Ads!!!!

Get 60 Free Solos Ads and More when you join each site and use the free promo code!

On These Sites We Have Super Solos, Solos, Banners, Traffic Links, Button Banner, Hot Links and More to get your Business Seen

Join Today and check our the rest of the site for other great joins: click here

Posted in Free Viral Traffic Hurry Get In Now convention room
2014-10-22 22:19:02    

dreamspay Stop Here For Free Traffic! You Have Found
Promo Code: onesolostop
You Get 5 Free Solos and More

Join Our Hot Solo Clicking Contest
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Welcome to OneSoloStop
Earn Commission When Referrals
Purchase Advertising from One Solo Stop!
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Posted in ampm chat
2014-10-22 22:08:02    

dreamspay New Instructional Hangouts by Georgetta Monroe, Double Purple Diamond

Please Take out the time to View the Hangouts. They are very short and you will learn what to do!

1. Free Sales Agent Form and Commissions This Hangout is about Why it is important to become a Free Sales Agent at womvegas to get Paid and I am going to talk about commissions at womvegas and how that works.?

2. How to Put in a Text womBanner into our Banner Rotator (for People who have never use a Banner Rotator)

3. How To Use AutoPosting at womvegas

4. How to Enter Platinum Text Ads and Lots more Vidoes

And Many More all located on this page: click here

Posted in Broadcast Your Biz Let It Rip chat
2014-10-22 22:03:02    

dreamspay Get In On The Ground Floor of these 100% Instant Paying Sites.

Hot! Super easy to use, no hard systems to learn!

No Commissions To Request Or Waiting Weeks To Get Paid!

You Get Paid Instantly! Join Now click here

Posted in Its Fast and Furious Its Advertising chat
2014-10-22 21:47:03    

dreamspay $10 Dollar Member to Member Payments! Hurry

Never Pay to display your banners again! Now you can easily make your banners PAY YOU! Join free and rotate your banners on thousands of pages!

Upgrade for only $10 one-time directly paid to another member, get it back with only one referral, multiply the exposure of your banners and start getting unlimited
$10 direct payments.

Absolutely no administrative fee - 100% is paid to members!

What are you waiting for? Go now and, sign up for free, learn more, and you will be amazed at the power of our system!

And only for $10 that you get back with your first referral, you open the flow of endless direct $10 payments!
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Posted in Diamond Advertising chat
2014-10-22 21:25:02    

dreamspay Brand New Site: Hot Solo Network

Add Your Website and Solo Subject(s) on our Hot Solo Network Site!

Tip: Add Your Site to the Steal My Site Showcase!

While you there Click on some of the Solo Subjects and then go and Join One or all of the Network Sites to Have your Solo Subjects Seen.

If you already a member that's ok to. We have a New Member and Existing Member Promo code: HotSolos

Hurry Go here and check the site out now: click here

Posted in Red Hot Advertising chat
2014-10-22 21:14:02    

dreamspay Have you checked out Superb Solo Networks yet? Its a cool new site where you can send your solo mailings to multiple solo networks. Send to one network or send to all of them its your choice!

You can reach a whopping 165,000 members!

Here's the link: click here

To your success, Georgetta

Posted in SUPER SOLOS Advertising convention room
2014-10-22 21:05:02    

dreamspay Are You Ready To Own Your Own Landing Page Business?

Are You Ready To Earn Fast Start Bonuses from $50 to $600?

Are You Ready to Earn Residual Income for the Rest of your Life?

If You Are please I urge you to take a look at the Commissions Page, Look at the Video, to see what others are saying and look at the Sales Page. click here

Change Your Life Starting Today!

“You don't have to be great to get started, but You have to get Started to be Great.” - Les Brown

Posted in Blue Rain Ads chat
2014-10-22 21:00:02    

dreamspay Get All of this in One Place and Hurry!

Submit Super Solos to 30 different Networks at SimpleTextAdz reaching over Mail 1,010,656+ Members.
What A Huge Steal This Is! Take The OTO or Speical Offers.. Either Way You Will Be Glad You DID!
I would join Free Right Now! click here

Posted in Traffic Ad Bar convention room
2014-10-22 20:35:02    

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